Issues Infrared Thermal Imaging Reveals In Home Inspection

Buying a house can be a commitment of a lifetime. So, you need proper homework to jump into something like this. Many issues are not visible to the naked eye. The infrared electromagnetic spectrum has a longer wavelength that can not be gauged with the human eye. It is a marvelous technology that uses heat signatures to find out issues like water leaks, excess moisture and dampness, problems in insulation, and much more. It saves you time and any expensive surprises so you can move into your new home comfortably without any worries.

How Does Infrared Thermal Imaging Work?

As mentioned earlier, it detects heat signatures. The warm images are red and white, whereas the cold ones can be yellowish and blue. For example, water and moisture absorb heat, so the energy signature is fabulous. This is a great way to figure out leaks and heating or cooling issues, as these can become catastrophic in no time for a new owner if they do nothing about it. Good cameras like Flir thermal camera can detect these anomalies accurately without missing a beat.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Work

Now, let’s look at 6 secret infrared thermal imaging can spill in home inspections-


Thermal Imaging

News of mold growth can be devastating for a new homeowner. One of the main facilitators of this is dampness. The dampness and excess moisture can start for several reasons, like faulty roofing, cracks in pipes, cheap material usage, etc. With thermal imaging, you can quickly identify damp and dry floors and come to a solution swiftly. It will save you tons of time and effort later, as the dampness of the wall can cause severe damage later on. It is hard to recover financially, and in the worst-case scenario, it affects your health as well. So, be sure to check for that using thermal camera technology to not have any room for regret later on after moving in.

Cracks In The Foundation

Cracks in the foundation of a house are a big no-no. The foundation of your home should be solid. Any cracks can lead to significant issues in the future. With thermal imaging, one can find any leaks or ruptures from where air and moisture might be seeping through. It is one of the most important factors in maintaining your house, as it leads to bad insulation and many other issues. So, make sure the foundation block of your home is solid and not flimsy through thermal imaging before considering the purchase or moving in.

Leaky Plumbing

Thermal Imaging

Sometimes, a slick look on the outside is presented to remove the buyer’s attention from major issues. Plumbing issues can cost you quite a fortune. But you can not hide things away from a thermal camera. Thermal cameras for home inspection would immediately ring the alarm bells to tell you the truth underneath. 

Pest Infestation

This is a significant issue, especially if you have small children. Bugs like termite release heat while it is eating away your wood. This can become a health hazard pretty fast. This is not a replacement for a full-on pest check, but it can identify the warning signs. This is one of the most important reasons why you should be doing thermal imaging before buying the property. You do not want to purchase the house and regret it later on afterward.

Pest Infestation

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Faulty Insulation


Every home needs to be well insulated. Otherwise, energy consumption goes off the charts, and it can end up causing massive issues. Thermal imaging can immediately point out these issues for you to fix them soon. Limiting air loss will help you immensely in the long run as it will save you energy. It will also save your time and money that would be otherwise wasted if you are taken by surprise. 


Thermal Imaging

Current is a dangerous element, and overcurrent is never good. It can cause massive electrical damage or, worse; it can cause a fire. The excessive current generates quite a lot of heat, so it gets easily detected in the infrared and saves you lots of money and potential accidents. Nobody wants their family to be in such danger. So, make sure you check for overcurrent before buying the property because you might end up losing just more than materialistic things. 


Thermal Imaging

There is usually always much more to what meets the naked eye. You can think a deal is too good and skip out on essential parts like these pre-purchase home inspections or thermal image inspections. It can end up doing you more harm than good. A home is a treasure trove of memories and happiness for many. Do not rush into things only to land on regret later.

So, now that you know the whole picture, what are you waiting for? Book your infrared home inspection in Burlington, and surrounding areas GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to make your move in smooth sailing. 

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